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Yukiko Iwai / 岩居 由希子

voice over actor

Welcome to Yukiko Iwai's official website!

Began working as a voice actor in 1995.
Has been a voice actor for 27 years.


I went through office Kaoru and Ken Production,
I have been working as a freelancer since 2018.

Date of Birth:

January 13, 1972

Lives in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

I would like to work with voices not only in Japan but also with people around the world.
I look forward to working with you.

A Bit About Me      

I made my TV anime debut in 1995 with "Macross 7" (Operator C).
The following year 1996, "Detective Conan (Ayumi Yoshida:吉田歩美)" was my first regular.
Besides, I played the leading role in the TV anime "Uninhabited Planet Survive (Luna)" and "Patta Potta Monta (Monta)".

In recent years, I was in charge of the voice of the mascot character "Tamapee" and appeared as a weather newscaster on CROSS FM "NEWSIC" until 2020.

In addition to animation, I also narrate variety shows and commercials for TV and radio.
Also in charge of recitation plays and event lectures at Senshu University.

Also, on my official website, I am engaged in "voice expression activities" across other fields, such as the distribution of "picture books read by Yukiko Iwai:岩居由希子".

Work Experience 

 January 1996 - still ongoing

October 2003 - October 2004

April 2004 - May 2005

August 2006 - February 2007

April 2019 

July 2019 

October 2019 - still ongoing

January  2020 - still ongoing

 February 2021

・TV animation "Detective Conan" (as Ayumi Yoshida:吉田歩美)
 Ongoing on Nippon Television Network.

・TV animation "Uninhabited Planet Survive" (Playing Luna:ルナ)
 Broadcasted on NHK Educational TV

・TV information program "@Supply!" @サプリッ!(Narration)
 Broadcast on Nippon Television Network Corporation

・TV animation "Patta Potta Monta" (as Monta:モン太)

・Akagi Milk Industry "MILCREA" ミルクレア web CM(Narration)

・CM for Pachinko no Tamaya Tamapi(as Tamapi:たまピー)

・Variety program 裸の少年 (Narration)
 Broadcast on TV Asahi

・Animation "EEE Detective Agency"EEE探偵社 :3 roles: rabbit boss, duck girl,  cloud pet 
 Now airing on SBS TV in Shizuoka

・Japan Exchange Group (JPX)   CM(Narration)

Look at the link.

Sample Voice 

I've done it in my real job. 

Home recorded voice samples are in preparation.
It will be uploaded soon, so please wait a bit.

Narration for Japan Exchange Group (JPX)

Animation "EEE Detective Agency"

Episode 154: Investigate the Nakao Geothermal Power Plant!

CM for Pachinko no Tamaya (Tamapi's voice)

Animation "EEE Detective Agency"EEE探偵社 :3 roles: rabbit boss, duck girl, cloud pet (Now airing on SBS TV in Shizuoka)

I'll also be doing voices that aren't of cartoon characters! Please listen to the various voices!

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Contact Me

If you would like to request an appearance or make an inquiry to me, please fill out the form and send it to me.

I will confirm the contents and contact you by e-mail.

I am looking forward to working with you.

Thank you for sending

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